Placement (noun)

1. the action of placing someone or something somewhere. "the proper placement of microphones"

2. process of acquiring job in a corporation through the portal of Centre for Career Development in the final year of your college life. " No good company comes for placement in our college" or " I only joined this college to get placed "

3. ( NITC lingo ) an incident wherein a member of the species Corvus, commonly known as a crow, expels fecal matter that subsequently makes contact with an individual primarily in but not restricted to Rajpath of NITC.

This occurrence involves the unintentional or intentional release of avian excrement from the crow while in flight or perched, resulting in the deposition of said excrement on the human's body or attire. "Bro, i just got placement. I will call you back" or "Let's not go by Rajpath, this is peak placement time. "

Placements (Crows)

The origin of the lingo has it's roots coming from an urban legend that points towards a correlation between number of times a person gets "placed" by a crow and the number job offers a person gets in placement (or whether a person has been placed or not). The lingo is ironical as NIT Calicut is an "one offer" college and a person does not get to chose which of the multiple offers he/she has received.